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General Accessibility

Scouting Ireland has put in huge effort to making accessible to as many as possible. By default, fonts are high contrast, dyslexia friendly and (mostly) well spaced to make content clear.

The majority of content on is semantic, meaning that computers can understand it better. This makes it easier for screen readers and assistive technologies to process and communicate it to a user.


 Font Sizes

You can quickly change the size of font using the three As at the top of every page. On top of this, you can adjust the size of text using the Ctrl + or Ctrl - shortcuts. (Cmd + or Cmd - on mac) Or on most mobile devices and tablets you can simply pinch to zoom.


Keyboard navigation

You can use the keyboard to navigate through the site:

  • The arrow keys on the keyboard will scroll up, down, left and right.
  • The space bar if pressed can make the web page jump from top to bottom.
  • The tab button can help navigate to different links on the page. When you arrive on the required link press the return button.

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