Advice - From Scouting Ireland and National Bodies

We understand there may be a lot of information about COVID-19 currently. Scouting Ireland advises all members to listen to official national advice. Please see the below links for the most up to date information:

Covid-19 Advice Last updated 21st September 2021 

Guidance for Safe Scouting - Updated 21st September 2021

Click Here for Scouting Ireland's Guidance for Safe Scouting and view our latest programme support help get started and the 30 hours - return to the full Scouting Experience resource to help you get started. Click here to view SFNI summary for Northern Ireland 27th May 2021

Youth Sector Guidance - Last updated 18th September 2021

To view the latest Guidance for Youth Work Organisations - Informed by the Government’s Reframing the Challenge Continuing our Recovery and Reconnecting guidance and advise Click Here (updated 18th September 2021).

Day-to-Day Resource

Scouting Ireland has produced a guide to assist with day-to-day Scouting at group and section level, Click Here to view this resource. (Produced October 2020)

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Government Advice 

The general public is asked to follow this advice and keep informed. Government advise can be found here: