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Scouting provides a path to follow your own journey, your own adventure.

From when you begin in Beaver Scouts, you use the outdoors as your setting to discover the world around you, learning from people of different ages and diverse backgrounds. At every point, you can design what course you want to take, what skills you want to explore and what activities you want to take part in.

With such a spectacular range of pursuits to choose from, with hiking to camping, kayaking to sailing, Scouting offers a gateway to a lifestyle that allows you to stay healthy, challenge yourself and learn from what you do.

"Scouting inspires ... courage, character-building, self-reliance and community awareness. It also motivates our young people to achieve their full potential." - Nelson Mandela

You work in small groups of your peers, learning from each others strengths and teaching others from your own experience, to develop as a group and work towards greater challenges and goals. Scouting strives to create a welcoming and inclusive space for young people, supporting you at every stage to make your own decisions, lead your own activities and create unique and memorable experiences.

Throughout your time in Scouts, you are encouraged to reflect on your own growth as a person, how you see society and nature around you, and what place you might have in them. You develop an understanding of how people can come together to achieve great things, offer sincere and generous support to one another, and come to trust and rely on each other in everything you do.

"Scouting got me away from the desk, got me doing useful, fun & exciting things, thinking back it taught me more things than school ever did." - Richard Branson

Drop into your local group

We're not a scary bunch. If you're interested in getting involved, whether you're looking to become a scout or support as an adult, drop into a meeting in your local group. The scouts and scouters there can tell you all about what they do, what sort of opportunities there are to get involved, and what your next steps might be.

Get in touch with our National Office

Should dropping by not be an option, get in touch with our National Office. We're lucky enough to have a wonderful crew of staff keeping us ticking, you can chat with them on 01-495 6300, or on

Check our Group Locator

Wondering what groups might be nearby? We've mapped out where they might be, have a quick look!


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