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Current Opportunities February 2021

Corporate Services Department

Membership Management System Key User Project Team 

If you have an interest in technology, supporting your group and have a good understanding of how your group or county runs please apply to the open call for the Membership Management System Key User Project Team below. The closing date for applications is 7th March 2021.

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Current Opportunities January 2021

Open Call for Core Team members for the Finance and Compliance, Corporate Services and Information and Communications Departments

We are pleased to invite applications to join the Core team of the Finance and Compliance, Information and Communications and Corporate Services Departments.
A summary of all the departments core teams is available HERE
Finance and Compliance Department Core Team
The Finance and Compliance department are seeking to establish a dynamic and progressive Core Team and wish to attract candidates with a proven track record and current relevant financial, compliance or legal expertise.

Information and Communication Department Core Team
The Information and Communications Department Core Team would like to invite applications to join the Core Team. The Core Team are seeking members who have skills and experience in the areas of data protection and management, strategy development, research and impact measurement.
Corporate Services Department Core Team
The corporate Services Department is seeking to recruit a further two members to the department Core team. Professional skills and experience in the areas of facilities management, business development and finance would be advantageous. The department covers the areas outlined in the summary available above which includes national events and activities, national scout centres, health and safety, administration systems and IT.

Applications will be accepted through the online forms linked below.

  • Link to the Finance and Compliance Core Team application: CLICK HERE  
  • Link to the Information and Communication Core Team application: CLICK HERE
  • Link to the Corporate Services Core Team application: CLICK HERE

The closing date for the Core Team applications is 28th February 2021.

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