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Interested in going to the World Scout Moot but can’t afford it?

Well you’re in luck as the CMT have a plan to help you raise the necessary funds.


Supporter’s badges

Each participant will receive 100 Moot supporter badges once they pay their deposit. These badges will have the Moot logo. All you have to do is sell them at €5 each. Sounds like easy money… it is. However we are not just leaving it at that. In order to promote the Moot throughout Scouting Ireland we are going to run a “join-in” programme for the cub and beaver sections. You go down to your local Beaver/Cub meeting and run a programme about the Moot. Each child pays €5 (essentially their subs for the evening) and they receive a badge at the end. We would suggest that this is done throughout your Scout County so all Beaver/Cub sections can learn about the Moot. Plus if you need more badges, you can buy more off us.



There’s a saying that you need to spend money to make money. This is true of our next fundraising strategy: a county raffle. First prize is €100 voucher from the scout shop and a book of 250 tickets costs €50. Sell 250 tickets at €2 each, you’ve made an easy €350 (€500 – cost of €150). Sell them in your group, county events. Most people can spare €2. Just remember you need to get a license from the Gardaí (we’ll help you with the paperwork).


Sponsorship and Local Fundraising

The Contingent Management Team want to help you fundraise. We can help you approach companies for sponsorship, have a step-by-step guide to organising a table quiz, race night etc.


Remember if you pay each installment on time, you receive a €30 discount. Five discounts means that you pay €2050 as opposed to €2200, a saving of €150. Applications are still open to attend. If you want more information on fundraising, contact Mícheál at or 0862325851.



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