Youth Programme Review

Welcome to the first big step in reviewing our ONE Programme. Programme is the heart of our Scouting. So, let’s take this step together!  

The main aim of the review is to evaluate the effectiveness of the ONE Programme. This will include considerations of the usefulness of the tools and resources, the strengths and shortcomings, and identifying how we can make it more effective and accessible.

There will be different opportunities for both Youth Members and Scouters to contribute through consultations methods, including surveys and provincial workshops.  At the end of the process, we will have a comprehensive report with key recommendations for the development of the ONE Programme, and, potentially, motions for National Council. This review will shape the future development of the ONE Programme and the work of the Youth Programme Team over the next three years.  

Outlined below are the key stages of the programme review process, during which there are two key opportunities for Youth Members and Scouters to contribute: online survey/poster survey and the provincial consultations. 


Information on how you can participate in the first step is outlined HERE. It is intended that every Scout, Venture Scout, Rover Scout, and Programme Scouter would have the opportunity to participate. A poster survey has been developed for Beaver Scout Lodges and Cub Scout Sixes to capture their experience. Downloadable copies of these posters can be found HERE.

The information volunteered in the surveys will be used exclusively for the Programme Review. The answers to the questions will be automatically anonymised, stored securely, and kept confidential. The requirement to add Group/County details is merely a tool to keep track of the participation in the survey ensuring we collect a representative number of contributions.

It is important that as many Youth Members and Scouters as possible participate in the survey, so as to ensure a representative and accurate consultation on the ONE Programme. Please facilitate the Youth Members in your Groups and Counties to participate, and take the time to add your insights. Information on the Provincial Consultations will be available in the early autumn. If you any questions please send them to:

We thank you for your time and effort in taking this first step together.




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