Eco-Scouting Seminar


What:            Eco-Scouting Seminar

Where:          Lough Dan scout eco-park

When:           First weekend in September 2017, Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd

Who:             Anyone with an interest in or experience in connecting kids with nature. People from any of the National sectional Teams from Beavers through to Rovers, Scout centres & facilities personnel, national event teams.                          

Why:             To develop a coherent Eco-scouting resource for scouting Ireland

Cost:             Nil

Applications:   Applications of interest to


 This seminar will look at:

  • Pulling all the existing eco ideas together into a coherent program resource
  • Explaining our Eco-park concept and the possibility of rolling it out to other scout centres and facilities
  • The possibility of setting up an green den or green flag initiative
  • Looking at all sorts of ways to reconnect kids with nature


If you are interested, please contact giving details of your experience/interest

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