Hillwalking Adventure Skills Update


Following a review and in line with the other adventure skills we are both reconfiguring and reinvigorating the Hill walking expert panel

This will replace all previous arrangements in terms of membership and assessment protocols that were in place up to now.

The criteria for membership is as follows;

  1. Hold a level 8 or a 9 badge in the Hillwalking skill
  2. Be a member of Scouting Ireland.  (If you not sure then I can put you in the right direction to find out. If you're not already a member of a Scout Group or a national team then there is a way to facilitate you)
  3. Keep your contact details up to date

It’s not a huge commitment at all. All that would be expected if you’re free would be to:

  1. Conduct Hillwalking Assessments
  2. Feedback potential issues you see on the ground
  3. Ensure Standards are maintained in the skill

We are developing this on an opt in basis and only members of the Expert Panel will be eligible to hold an Assessment book (chit book) so if we do not hear back from you, we are assuming that you do not wish to put your name forward

For any queries or to opt in, you should contact: hillwalking@scouts.ie

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