National Council 2018 - Proposals & Nominations


We would like to remind you about the first notice of the National Council and in particular the deadline for nominations and proposals to be received to the National Office.
The deadline for receipt of nominations and proposals is 17:00 om Friday 2nd March 2018.  As noted in the 'Formal Notice of the National Council, these documents can be emailed to
Given the extreme weather conditions and the fact that the National Office is inaccessible, these are the housekeeping arrangements for the receipt of these documents:


  • Documents received by email will have a time noted on them and and so will be deemed valid if they are noted as been received by 17:00 on 02/03/2018.
  • Documents that have been left in the post box at Larch Hill to date will be logged when the office reopens next week and will be deemed to have been received by 17:00 on 02/03/2018.
  • With the disruption that An Post are reporting, documents that arrive in the first postal delivery to Larch Hill when the office reopens next week will be deemed to have been received by 17:00 on 02/03/2018.


We trust that this notice clarifies these arrangements but if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by email on


Information on the AGM of the National Council is available from HERE.

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