This section of the website is to support parents and our members both current and past with queries they may have following the recent media coverage relating to Scouting Ireland.


All of us involved in Scouting have been deeply saddened by the information which has come to light over the recent months. Many survivors have shared information with us concerning allegations of child sexual abuse in our legacy organisations. Each and every report has been reported to the statutory authority in the relevant jurisdiction.


In Scouting Ireland, we feel it is important that we acknowledge the terrible wrongs of the past and that we support those who are now speaking for the first time, some having lived with this heavy burden for many years. We have informed the relevant statutory authorities of all persons accused of sexual abuse and continue to co-operate fully with all resultant criminal investigations.

Investigation Support Required


To date, Scouting Ireland is in receipt of 168 historical sex abuse allegations via our Helpline. All allegations received have been reported to the relevant authorities in their jurisdiction. Scouting Ireland is working closely, with Tusla and An Gardaí Síochana in the Republic of Ireland and the PSNI and Gateway Teams in Northern Ireland, to provide assistance and information on all alleged sex abuse reports.


As Scouting Ireland is currently supporting An Gardaí Síochana in a criminal investigation they have requested that we would ask all our members to review any paper records (old group records) held by them or their Scout Group which may hold information that may aid this investigation.  If you have any records that you would like to submit to Scouting Ireland please contact us at National Office 01-495 6300 or email us at


In addition, An Garda Síochana has requested that if anyone has any information relating to this criminal investigation into child sexual abuse in scouting they are to contact the Gardaí's Child Abuse reporting Helpline 1800 555 222.


Scouting Ireland's Helpline is still open Monday to Friday 9 – 5 pm (1800 221 199 freephone from ROI) or (00353 (0) 87-0934403 (From N.I. This is not freephone currently due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation)) or if you wish you can email

If you have a concern

Anyone who wishes to speak to one of our team, in confidence, may call our dedicated helpline Monday to Friday 9 – 5 pm (1800 221 199 freephone from ROI) or (00353 (0) 87-0934403 (From N.I. This is not freephone currently due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation)) or email Every person coming forward with a complaint relating to sexual abuse is encouraged and supported in bringing their complaint to the relevant statutory authorities.   

We would encourage anyone who has been adversely affected by any recent items in the national press to talk to someone they trust. Please Click Here for more information including details of counseling services.

Keeping Young People Safe

We want to reassure all parents and all members of Scouting Ireland that this organisation is very different from the legacy organisations that merged to form Scouting Ireland in 2004.  Those organisations operated in different times, where mandatory reporting was not in place, and where society’s understanding and approach to safeguarding was not as we now understand it should be.  Like many organisations which operated in Ireland in the past, we have learnt from these mistakes.

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Victims Policy

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Safeguarding Statement

The Scouting Ireland Child Safeguarding Statements can be found here for ROI and Northern Ireland 

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Recent Information

The NYCI provides useful advice, in particular some useful pointers in relation to risk assessing activities which Groups may find helpful : Click Here

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Additional Information

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