Now it's time to Plan, Do, Review

Just like in school, in college, in work or just at home, it helps to have a plan when we’re getting something together. For your crew, you’re going to have to allow for a whole host of other events, distractions, opinions and concerns.

It’s important to cover as many bases as you can, from logistics in where you’re going, to costs, to insurance, to generating an interest in what you’re doing.

To help, try a model of Plan–Do–Review, three really simple mechanisms to make sure you can get the most out of your activities... Here are a few things to keep in mind...


Using one of your meetings, put it together

• Decide what projects you are going to do

• Plan a wide variety of activities

• Keep our ‘thoughts’ and ‘ideas’ from above in mind when planning

• Choose dates and stick to them

• List all available resources

• Plan what equipment you’ll need and any preparations needed to get it ready

• Establish roles, jobs and deadlines

• Discuss possible alternatives, just in case

• Be aware that your plans may have to adapt closer to the date



Everything’s in place, go for it!

  • Make sure all needed equipment is ready to go
  • Share the responsibilities between you
  • Ensure all members have an up to date programme
  • Have a laugh



Might not be the most riveting, but makes the next one easier...

  • Discuss good points and bad points
  • See how activities could have been improved

Take notes and keep track of them for next time