Rover Scouts Abroad

Ireland is a relative newcomer to the global community of Rovers. The concept is big in a number of countries including Portugal, Canada, Australia and the Czech Republic. Many other countries have similar ideas, just with different names.

“The young people, mainly young adults, in the Scout Network will be responsible for organising and running their own programmes.” – UK, Network Scouts

“It can open doors to new friendships ... adventure and some unforgettable experiences...” – Australia, Rovers

“They can choose their project and implement actions about various topics: international solidarity, European citizenship, social work, artistic expression... From their neighbourhood to the global scale, the [crews] are building a better world" – France, Aînés

“There are several levels of progression, based on individual goals, which have to be reached...” – Portugal, Rovers

Why not use the international network to link with a Rover crew abroad?