Fellowship Network

Both past and present members of Scouting in Ireland are invited to and may become members of Scouting Ireland’s Fellowship Network. The purpose of the Fellowship Network is to promote and foster the continuing involvement of past and present members of Scouting in Ireland.


Fellowship Patrols are formed to cater for Fellowship Members. All members of the Scouting Ireland Fellowship Network must be registered members of Scouting Ireland in accordance with the Constitution and Rules of the Association.


A Fellowship Patrol may be formed based on any of the following:

  1. Award Holders (Chief Scout Award Holders, Holders of the Cu Chulainn, Silver Elk or Silver Wolfhound)
  2. Projects (Assist with Scout events or Activities at Group, County, Provincial or National Level)
  3. Location (Service at a Scout Venue or Facility)
  4. Special Interest (Socialising or personal interests)
  5. Past Members (Former Youth or Adult Members)


Members of Fellowship Patrols who wish to be involved in activities with our youth members must comply with the requirements set out in SID Adults Working with Young People.


The Fellowship Network is managed by the Fellowship Network Coordinator. The Annual Wood Badge Reunion (Recharge) is the National Event for Fellowship Network Patrols.


Anyone wishing to join the Fellowship Network or seeking information about it may do so by contacting National Office at 01 4956300


See also SID 43.06 Scouting Ireland - Fellowship Network



Fellowship of Irish Guides and Scouts (FIGS)


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