Becoming a Scouter


Purpose, Aim and Principles of Scouting Ireland

Scouting Ireland is a voluntary, uniformed, non-­formal educational movement for young people. It is independent, non-­political, open to all without distinction of origin, race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or ability, in accordance with the purpose, principles and method conceived by the Founder, Robert Baden-Powell and as stated by the World Organisation of the Scout Movement.


The Purpose

Scouting exists to actively engage and support young people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society.


The Aim

The Aim of Scouting Ireland is to encourage the social, physical, intellectual, character, emotional and spiritual development of young people so that they may achieve their full potential and, as responsible citizens, to improve society.


The Principles

The principles of Scouting Ireland are enshrined in the Scout Promise and the Scout Law and they include:

  • Adherence to spiritual principles, loyalty to the faith that expresses them and acceptance of the duties resulting therefrom.
  • Loyalty to one’s community in harmony with the promotion of peace, understanding and cooperation.
  • Responsibility for the development of ones’ self.
  • Participation in the development of society with recognition and respect for the dignity of one’s fellow beings and for the integrity of the natural world.
  • Use of a method of progressive self-‐education, known as the Scout Method, comprising programmes adapted to the various age groups.


Opportunities to get involved and to contribute

Adults who wish to get involved and help us with our work can volunteer through their local Scout Group.

You can find your local Scout Group HERE.


When you contact your local Scout Group they will use our induction process to help you to understand what is involved and to get some necessary forms completed. They will arrange vetting by the relevant authority and will introduce you to the operations of the local Group.

Our Induction Process is outlined HERE.


During the induction period, you will visit some of the youth sections during their meetings, you will be accompanied by a mentor during any such visits. Once you have decided that you are happy to join us, and assuming the Scout Group agree with that decision, they will arrange for you to be enrolled on the “Being a Scouter” course which will provide you with an introduction to our youth programme and our approach to Safeguarding young people.



After completing your Being A Scouter training, you will be Invested in your local Scout Group and at this stage you will be expected to make the Scout Promise and subsequently to strive to apply that to your work with us.


The Programme Scouter role involves:

  • Working with a team of other Scouters to pursue the Purpose, Aim and Principles of Scouting Ireland
  • Regularly facilitating programme meetings and activities with the youth members
  • Participation in planning and review meetings
  • Meeting with parents or guardians on occasion
  • A commitment to pursuing training for the role via our Wood Badge training scheme
  • Being aware of and applying Scouting Ireland Policies as appropriate


This role can be very rewarding as you support young people to achieve learning and development through an active programme using the Scout Method.

It can also have its challenges. When these arise, the other adults in your Scout Group will be able to support you using our Adults in Scouting Approach.