Parents and Friends Support Group

The Parents and Friends Support Group (PFSG) is a great way to get extra adult help for the Scout Group. This takes some of the load off the Scout Group Council and frees up Scouters to concentrate on offering effective programme for the young people in the Scout Group.


The Parents and Friends Support Group will not establish itself by accident, positive initiatives are required to bring it to reality. Here are some guidelines which may be useful.


  • Scout Group Council should draw up a list of potential candidates.
  • The Group Leader should approach each person individually and explain the requirements to them.
  • A meeting of willing members should be called. Candidates should be briefed on the business of the Scout Group and their role explained.
  • An outline on what their first tasks are should be presented at this meeting.
  • There should be a liaison person appointed by Scout Group Council.


The PFSG will be appointed annually at the Group Council AGM. The most effective size of this Group is between 6 and 12 members. Potential members include Scout Parents or Grandparents, ex Scouters or even Parents of Scouters, but do not limit yourself to these. The Scout Group Treasurer is the Treasurer of the PFSG.


Members of the PFSG must apply for membership of Scouting Ireland in accordance with the Constitution, Rules and policies. This includes undertaking relevant training where applicable.


The role of the PFSG is to provide support and assistance to the Scout Group and is responsible to Scout Group Council. They shall hold an AGM for all parents of the members and friends of the Scout Group.


The role could include the following:

  • Fundraising
  • Den/Property development / maintenance
  • Support for Group events (e.g. catering at investiture / parents night)
  • Other tasks assigned by the Scout Group Council


The PFSG should meet as often as required to achieve their goals, at a minimum they should meet every two months. Membership of the PFSG should be enjoyable and it would be wise to encourage a social aspect to the committee to maintain teamwork and commitment.

Up to three representatives of the PFSG may become members of The Scout Group Council. This appointment is subject to Scout Group Council approval.


It is also important that members of the PFSG share in the identity and sense of community of the Scout Group and they should be encouraged to attend relevant Scout Group activities.


Don’t forget to say THANK YOU. It is vitally important to recognise the work of any adult who provides support to the Scout Group. Remember to include those who work at support level when applying for adult awards.



Other useful materials


SID 01.03 - Scouting Ireland Constitution

SID 01.03a - Scouting Ireland Rules

SID 44.06 - Parents and Friends Support Group Guidelines