Appointments and Positions

No Programme Section, Scout Group or Scout County can operate without a whole team of adults who carry out a variety of roles so that the youth members can benefit from an active Scout Programme throughout the year.


It is necessary to ensure that all adults involved with Scouting activities or meetings meet certain specified criteria.


To support that, Scouting Ireland has set out a number of roles which are considered as Appointments. There is a role description and training requirement for each distinct Appointment.


The Appointments are listed in the Rules, other roles set out or mentioned in the Rules and/or the Policies are referred to as Positions.


Individuals who are prepared to take on a specific Appointment are required to apply in a set manner, to undergo Vetting from the appropriate authority (An Garda or PSNI) and to partake of certain required training. Their Appointment application must be properly nominated / proposed and approved as set out in the Rules.  


As well as a requirement for Vetting and training, Appointments have an associated tenure and may have some age restrictions these are set out in the Rules and certain Policies and are consolidated in the following documents:


Role Descriptions - Scout Group

Role Descriptions - Scout County

Role Descriptions - Scout Province

Role Descriptions - National