Conflict and Complaints

Scouting Ireland recognises the importance of encouraging and promoting effective working relationships between all members of the Association. From time to time, the relationship between some members may become strained and lead to a situation where some intervention is required to resolve any conflicts, disputes or differences and to restore confidence and trust. Conflict can be a positive thing if handled properly or it can lead to discord and disputes if not.


Group Leaders and County Commissioners have a key role in ensuring that conflict is properly handled and that positive outcomes result from it. Our Conflict Resolution Policy and Guidelines set out how this should be done. The guidelines include approaches and strategies which can help resolve conflict and some tips on how best to approach this. You should make yourself familiar with the policy and guidelines so as to be able to draw on them if the time comes.


Unresolved conflict can sometimes lead to a complaint, when this happens you should

refer to the Complaints Procedure for guidance on how to proceed.


See also GLH 160 Conflict & Complaints

Please see link to the grievance and disputes policy SID-CCD01-Disputes-Process (Adults)