Critical Incident and Crisis Management

Crisis Management


The Crisis Management Procedure enables Scouting Ireland to react in a responsive fashion to very serious incidents. It enables the organisation to ensure that required supports are provided and that interaction with other organisations and the public are managed appropriately.


SID 20.04 - Crisis Management Policy

SID 20.11a - Crisis Management Procedure Guidelines



Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)


CISM is an intervention tool that helps Scouting Ireland at all levels deal with an incident that has caused serious upset to members. It is a confidential and voluntary opportunity to learn about stress, share reactions to an incident and vent emotions. The main purpose is to support people affected by the incident so that they can return to their normal routines without unusual stress. A number of Scouting Ireland members are trained CISM practitioners.


Relevance to you


As a Scouter you will be faced with lots of problems and issues. Some, such as serious injury or a fatality may be significant enough to merit the use of our crisis Management Procedure and benefit from the CISM approach to support people afterwards.


You should use you best judgement to decide if a specific incident constitutes a Crisis and how best to get the support that’s needed. In most cases, this will mean talking to your Group Leader and/or County Commissioner.


Where to get help


If a crisis occurs within or involving a Scout Group, the Group Leader should contact National Office and request to speak to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or other member of the Professional Staff. National Office will advise the Crisis Management Team and other volunteers as soon as possible including the relevant County Commissioner and Provincial Commissioner.


Your County Commissioner must be notified when you feel you might need to rely on a CISM intervention. The Provincial Support Officer or Group Support Facilitator can advise you how to establish contact with a CISM practitioner. National Office will also help in co- ordinating CISM interventions.



Other useful materials


Scouting Ireland resource leaflets on dealing with stress and personal crisis, available on request from Head Office.

SID 20.11b - Crisis Management Team Terms of Reference