Scouter Assistance Programme (EAP)

Where the need arises, Scouting Ireland provides an assistance programme via an external agency, EAP Consultants Ltd. This confidential service is designed to support eligible staff and other members in resolving significant personal or work related concerns through telephone support, specialist information and telephone or face to face counselling.


Group Leaders (or County Commissioners) may, from time to time, come across an issue which you or another adult in Scouting find difficult to deal with and may require assistance in resolving this. The Scouter Assistance Programme is completely confidential, voluntary, and Scouting Ireland recommends anyone requiring support to use this worthwhile service.


The contract normally covers Group Leaders, Commissioners, Child Protection Trainers, Designated Liaison Persons, National Management Committee and Staff. It can be temporarily extended to some/all of a particular Scout Group if the circumstances require it, for example in the event of a major incident/accident. Although designed for adults, local counsellors can recommend youth services if that is required.


About the Service


The assistance programme is provided by EAP Consultants Ltd, who are an independent company. The service and is available through a designated 24/7 freephone helpline, providing support on a wide range of issues.


Some issues that may be referred to the service could include; a conflict situation, an incident where an adult or youth member suffers a critical or fatal injury, or disclosure by a youth member to an adult in Scouting. The service can also provide advice and counselling in areas such as (but not limited to) bereavement, abuse, eating disorders, stress, anxiety, depression and addition.


Group Leaders and County Commissioners can contact the service using their membership number from the database as a PIN. If other Scouters need to use the service the Group Leader or County Commissioner should contact National Office to get a PIN for them.


Please remember that this is an additional service provided by the association to support

Individuals in their role but all incidents should be reported to National Office in the usual manner.


Find out more about EAP Consultants Ltd


Where to get help


Helpline: 1800 201 346 (ROI), 0808 234 5183 (NI)