The Training Team


The Training Team are involved in developing and delivering training throughout Ireland. Most recently the team has been redesigning the training scheme to cater for the needs of Ireland's Scouters. The team is headed by National Commissioner for Training, Gay Davoren.

The delivery of training is provided by six Provincial Panels of Trainers with a Provincial Training Coordinator (PTC) coordinating training within their Province. Each Province is broken into Counties and each County has a Training Coordinator (CTC), your PTC will have contact details for the CTC within your county. 

Training Team Logo

You can contact your PTC's with any questions you have on the following email addresses:

Training CommissionerGay

Project Manager

Training Review   

Chris Kearns
Northern Scout ProvinceFiona
Southern ProvinceMichael Dempsey

Western ProvinceJoanne Lowe

North East ProvinceRose 
South East ProvinceMartine
Dublin Scout ProvinceDeirdre

Each province has a calendar of courses scheduled, which is available from your PTC however you can also attend a course in whatever location suits you best.