‘Fiontar’ is a series of challenges that are based directly on the learning objectives of the SPICES. It gives structure to your Personal Journey during your time in Venture Scouts.


There are two Phases on this journey:

Suas (Up)

You will work as part of a team within Crews to develop activities which will allow you to explore the different aspects of the SPICES.

Trasna (Across)

You will lead teams within Crews to develop activities which will allow you to explore the different aspects of the SPICES.


A phase ideally should take place over an eighteen month period, including a break from between three to six months for other areas of the Unit’s programme or Unit Expedition.

Fiontar is a little different to the types of challenges you may have faced in the younger age sections. With Fiontar you yourself must create the challenge to allow you to explore the learning objectives of the SPICES.

There are thirty-six learning objectives, so over the course of your time in Venture Scouts you will undertake thirty-six challenges, eighteen in Phase 1 and eighteen in Phase 2.