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Scouting Ireland enables young people to build the skills they need to maximise life's opportunities. Scouting Ireland welcomes all members and we do not tolerate any form of discrimination on any grounds including, but not limited to, gender, sexuality, race, religion or belief, social class, health, age or disability.

In Scouting we apply the Scout Method, which has eight interconnected components, to achieve our aim.

The Scout Method.

1 Promise and Law

Scouting fosters a value system based on the Scout Promise & Law. This value system becomes the method by which a Scout lives and works with others.

2 Personal Progression

The success of the Scout’s task or adventure is not important. The dynamics of the team and the growth of the individual within that team is of real importance. Each Scout will progress at their own speed through Scouting challenges, individually and within their small team. Scouting supports the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes in all areas and provides recognition for individual and group achievements.

3 Learning by Doing

Through learning by doing and reviewing our experience, we gain knowledge about the task completed and about ourselves.

4 Small Group System

In Scouting we work in small teams, so Scouts learn individually and in teams. Every Section is a collection of small teams, not a collection of individual Scouts.

5 Symbolic Framework

We use names, themes, stories and traditions to spark the imagination and to aid learning. This is created by the Scouts themselves as much as possible.

6 Nature and Outdoors

Scouting happens outdoors whenever possible. Challenge, adventure and a sense of freedom are all present in close contact with nature and away from everyday home life.

7 Young People and Adults Working Together

Scouting is a movement for young people and supported by adults. In the younger Sections, adult support is greater, in older Sections the adult role lessens and it becomes more of a partnership.

8 Service and Commitment

Scouts interact with their local community. Service to others is the element of the Scout Method dealing with this commitment. We support young people to become active citizens and to work to create a better world.

Skills for Life!

Scouting Ireland enables young people to build the skills they need to maximise life's opportunities.

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