Lisa Barnes

Lisa Barnes

 Lisa Barnes joined Scouting Ireland in 2017 and when the opportunity to serve on the Board arose, she brought almost 20 years of Scouting skills as well as experience in two different NSOs.

She has excellent research and analytic reading skills. She has a very good understanding of multiple jurisdictions and of three Scout NGOs across Europe and draws on this knowledge when drafting new policies and within day to day Board work.

As a disabled person, Lisa is a respected advocate for diversity and inclusion at all levels of society. She has also been a volunteer board member with another NSO on their diversity and inclusion board, including writing the next five year strategy specific to diversity and inclusion within their organisation.

Lisa has intimate knowledge of the Boards working having served on the Oversight iteration of the Scouting Ireland Board since it's inception in October 2018 and was re-elected in September 2020.

As a disabled person who was once a 10km fell runner, Lisa has a unique understanding and perception of what it is to deal with life changing situations and has developed new skills to continue to excel in life regardless of the new and varied challenges she regularly faces. 

Lisa has been volunteering within safeguarding areas for many years including training and support to adults dealing with disclosures. She has also represented the Board on the safeguarding subcommittee since 2018.

She has also been an active member of the governance subcommittee since it was formed